Panic Stations!

I just sent an email to a mailing list telling them I was planning to launch my second crowdfunding campaign by the end of the month, and I’m not really ready yet!

It was a bit rash, but I think I’ll be able to pull it off, or near enough. Here’s what I have gotten done:

  • Established a crowd through my first campaign and ongoing sales
  • Built more of a crowd through marketing-by-content creation
  • Primed the crowd with news of my project (the email I just mentioned)
  • Roughly planned out the campaign


Here’s what I still need to get done:

  • Build more crowd – there’s another facebook page that I should have posted to by now
  • Record some B-roll for my campaign video. This is the stuff that the talking goes over. My campaign is going to be for a pair of books following on from my first, so footage of the first book being read to kids is what I’m after.
  • Re-photograph the book. I’ve got photos already, but the second print run came out looking better and I’d like to have the best photos possible.
  • Correct my facebook page header. The “cover image” on my facebook page has text on the image, complete with a typo, which is just dumb.
  • Record the main line of my crowdfunding video. I’m referring to the clip that’s me explaining everything that needs to be known about the campaign. I have the script in my head and I’m trying a new thing of not writing it down. Now I just need a free (daylight) day to record it.
  • Send out an update to people who signed up for the campaign-specific mailing list on the weekend. I got the artist to make a cover page, which I plan to make the topic of my first update.
  • Get content lined up for posting throughout the next couple of weeks, and need to keep it topped up. This is for the mailing lists, the facebook page and whatever else I can think of. I already have some facebook posts scheduled that are just images alongside testimonials from teachers about the first book. Well overdue to be posting on all accounts.
  • Finalise the campaign details (budget, rewards etc). A couple of the rewards are dependent on outside parties, I need to confirm with them.
  • I have a couple of supporters who may be willing to provide considerable support, I need to get talking to them.
  • Put together copy for the campaign. A lot of this will just be updating last year’s stuff.
  • Load it all up onto pledgeme
  • Write a press release. This one still scares me. I have to write in the third person. I feel like what I’ve written so far must sound so stupid. I just don’t know how to write quotes for myself without it seeming ridiculous.
  • Make up an A4 flipbook to take on my next school visit. This one’s not actually related to this campaign, but to a hypothetical future campaign to produce something that is more useful for teachers and possibly also deaf people.

I am trying to fit all this around my full-time job and church commitments. I also know I’m terrible for procrastination (particularly for the bits that scare me, like writing press releases). It helps that I got past a lot of the things that scared me last time. But there’s also a risk that my confidence might cause me to underbake things (my current mental script for the video may be a bit underinformative).

I kind of made the announcement to force myself to get into gear. Wish me luck!


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