Progress on My Second Campaign

It’s been about a week since I posted my list of the things that I need to get done for my second crowdfunding campaign. Here’s how the list is:

Stuff That I’ve Done:

  • Correct my facebook page header – I did it, the typo is gone. Its kind of nice to tick something off.
  • Send out an update to people who signed up for the campaign-specific mailing list – As per plan, I shared what the Vol.1 cover page would look like. I also told them a bit about why it looked like it did and asked if they could make suggestions for Vol.2. 14/18 people opened the email (high score!) and one person clicked through to my facebook page (not such a high score). Nobody made any suggestions for the Vol.2 cover (a little disappointing).

Stuff That I’ve Done, But Still Need to Do:

  • Build more crowd – I created a mailing list specifically for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. I posted about it in several Facebook groups and even paid $7 to boost the post on my Facebook page, looking to get to the friends-of-people-who-like-the-page group. I’m not sure if that was the best target for this particular thing. Ah well. Almost 20 people have signed up. That’s not a huge list, but it is a list of people who are keen enough to fill in another form, so I’m counting on these being people who are kind of serious about being part of this. I’m pretty happy with 20, but I’d like to keep pushing this list.
  • Get content lined up for posting – I managed to turn some testimonials from teachers into posts. Facebook tells me that each one reached about 170 people. Now I need more for the week coming. Easy shortcut would be to bring back the posts I made during the Jack Feels Big campaign. As far as just having something to post so that I can get noticed, it might work? I made a series of posts about potential stories to go into the final book. Some of them got a bit of engagement.
  • Make up an A4 flipbook – This should probably go back on the back-burner, since it was mostly for the teacher visit that fell through. I made some progress, but ran into technical problems (I got the pages printed, but it was too thick for their binding machine, plus their wire binding machine was broken anyway).

Stuff That I Totally Haven’t Done:

  • Record some B-roll for my campaign video – I made arrangements with a teacher for a visit, but that fell through, which is probably just as well, because it turns out that work got rather busy at the end of the week. I’ve got another school lined up, but I’m hoping to have launched by then. I might be able to get some footage with my cousins reading to their kids. It does get extra tricky, because I really need to be shooting during daylight hours to get quality footage.
  • Re-photograph the book – I just didn’t do it. A whole weekend, didn’t get around to it. This is something I can do in the evening after work. I just need to get my act together.
  • Record the main line of my crowdfunding video – Like the B-Roll, this is something best done during the day. I just didn’t get organised enough.
  • Finalise the campaign details – I got clearance for one of the rewards I needed to check on, but there’s another, plus all the other details to make concrete.
  • Talk to possible big supporters – I have a couple of supporters who may be willing to provide considerable support, I need to get talking to them.
  • Put together copy for the campaign. A lot of this will just be updating last year’s stuff.
  • Load it all up onto pledgeme – ties in with the two above. Maybe I need to make that must-do-Tuesday evening.
  • Write a press release. – put this off, still a daunting task.

Stuff That I’ve Now Added to the List:

  • Update campaign specific mailing list – now that I’ve got 20 people signed up to get extra special updates ahead of the campaign, I’d better get some extra special updates put together! Next one will be about how the backers will get to choose feelings. I’m thinking about changing the format for this. In the first campaign I did some polling throughout, but only actually counted the final vote at the end. This time I might take votes at regular intervals. That allows me to post four times during the campaign saying “pledge now and you’ll get to vote on feeling number X!” (probably end of first day, then end of each week) (though I could tie it to percentage of funding – votes at 10%, 30%, 50% and 60%, hmm) . In my first campaign I got an article in the paper. I posted about it on my facebook page and got five people pledging who I’d already told about the book. It is important to be a squeaky wheel…
  • Book visits for New Plymouth – I’ve got a trip to New Plymouth planned for the middle of the campaign. Auckland’s a big place, but New Plymouth is where I’ve got the most connections. There’s a journalist there who has written about me before, too.


Obviously there’s too much stuff in the lower lists, but I’ve written things down, so now I’ve got a plan


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