Progress on My Second Campaign

It’s been two weeks since I posted my list of the things that I need to get done for my second crowdfunding campaign. This is the second, weekly update. Here’s how I’ve been going:

Stuff That I’ve Done:

  • Correct my facebook page header
  • Send out an update to people who signed up for the campaign-specific mailing list
  • Finalise the campaign details – I’ve put together my rewards list now, pretty happy with the changes. I should probably post about what I went with and why. I sent out an update about that to the people on the mini-mailing list for the new campaign.
  • Talk to possible big supporters – Done.

Stuff That I’ve Done, but will need to keep doing:

  • Build more crowd – I created a mailing list specifically for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. I haven’t gotten far with it in the last week, but I think I could probably start sending direct FB messages to friends and family, make sure all the folks who might be interested have heard.
  • Get content lined up for posting – I continued running my notes for the stories to go into the book. I’ve finished all the pre-written ones that fit in the right category (not in volume 1, feelings not virtues) for posting at this point in time. I might spend some time this evening writing a couple more up.
  • Make up an A4 flipbook – I’m going to have another crack at this. It isn’t actually for this campaign, but I’ve got a school visit lined up for Thursday and if I can take it with me, that’s double duty.
  • Record some B-roll for my campaign video – I still haven’t launched, so the plan B school visit will be an opportunity and I got in a visit with my cousin and her daughter, and that’s got me some good b-roll.
  • Update campaign specific mailing list – I sent one about how the backers will get to choose feelings (at intervals during the campaign). I sent a second one about the rewards I’d chosen. The next one will probably be on Thursday with school footage and an announcement of launch on Saturday (if I can make it happen).

Stuff That I Totally Haven’t Done:

  • Re-photograph the book – Still haven’t done it.
  • Record the main line of my crowdfunding video – I’ve got Thursday off work for the school visit and I’m planning to make the recording for the rest of the video when I get home.
  • Put together copy for the campaign. A lot of this will just be updating last year’s stuff.
  • Load it all up onto pledgeme – ties in with the two above. Maybe I need to make that must-do-Tuesday evening.
  • Write a press release. – put this off, still a daunting task.
  • Book visits for New Plymouth – Need to contact that Childcare centre that bought a bunch of book, plus the journalist who wrote about me last time.

Stuff That I’ve Now Added to the List:

  • Find my wide angle lens! – This one I need to do before the school visit on Thursday. That was the biggest lesson I learned on my first school visit, classrooms need a wider lens than my usual!

If you know anyone who’d be interested in supporting the production of a book for teaching kids the names for their feelings (and especially girls) you can send them here to sign up to hear more:


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