My to-do list, post launch

I have been posting my list of the things that I need to get done for my second crowdfunding campaign. I’ve now actually launched, so here’s how the list looks:

Stuff That I’ve Done:

  • Send out another update to people who signed up for the campaign-specific mailing list confirming the launch date and explaining how to do multiples of the early bird reward if they want to
  • Record some B-roll for my campaign video – I managed a school visit and recorded in most of the classes. The results were not ideal, but there was enough to put a snipped into the final video, which was all I needed. I couldn’t believe how often kids pick their noses. Really spoils a shot!
  • Make up an A4 flipbook – I managed to squeeze this in and get double duty out of the school visit. That footage will be helpful at a later date.
  • Put together copy for the campaign and load it all up onto pledgeme – This wasn’t trivial, but it was largely based on last year’s effort, which made it easier.
  • Write a press release. I actually based large parts of this on the script for the video and it wasn’t so bad to do. I’m sure it doesn’t really meet professional press release standards, but its a lot better the one I had before I had this one (I didn’t have one). My press page is here.
  • Organise visits for New Plymouth – I have a schedule and it is packed. I’m visiting five Bubbles centres (I know the owner and he was super supportive last campaign, they have had my book since then and a couple of the parents have them too). I’m also visiting the Montessori Casa (one of my backers from last campaign has a son there and connected me with the principal) and two other classes (via a friend’s mother, who is also a backer from the first campaign). I contacted the journalist who wrote about me last year, but haven’t heard back.
  • Record the main line of my crowdfunding video – This took so many tries and fails, but its done.
  • Find my wide angle lens! – I did not find the lens until after the school visit, but I found one that sort of did the job.

Stuff That I’ve Done, but will need to keep doing:

  • Build more crowd – Now that I’ve launched, I’m beginning wonder if I went too early. Ah well. Crowdbuilding sort of continues. I’ve been saying thank you to each person who pledges (where I can) and that’s had some very nice responses. I’m heading off to a bunch of school visits at the end of the week, so that might help too.
  • Get content lined up for posting – My schedule is empty at this point and I don’t have any easy content handy, but I really need to get the post-mill running again to keep my stuff popping up and noticed.

Stuff That I Totally Haven’t Done:

  • Re-photograph the book – I might get this one done tomorrow night. This is to bolster the press release. It won’t be so useful until later in the week anyway.

If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting the production of a book for teaching kids the names for their feelings (and especially girls) you can check it out here:


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