Thank Your Backers Immediately – 4 Reasons Why

I thanked my backers as they pledged on my crowdfunding campaign. Here’s the 3 reasons I did it and a bonus reason I discovered. That last one is important.

I’m at the first stage in my campaign and I know who a lot of my backers are and I can contact them directly, so I’ve been sending out thank you emails and facebook posts.

Each time I get a pledge, I get an email. That tells me how much was pledged, but no other details. It would be nice to know what reward level they pledged at (for planning and promotional reasons) and it would make a lot of sense to at least have the name that they used. But this information doesn’t come in the email.

So I head over to my campaign page and I have a look at the pledgers. Some people choose to remain anonymous, and some people use just a first name. If it’s an uncommon name and I’ve just sent out information to someone with that name, I’ve just been assuming that it’s them.

If they’re my friend on Facebook, I’ll hit the share campaign button (I’m on my campaign page, remember, the share button is right there). I select “share on a friend’s wall” and select that friend. I write in the post telling them how much I appreciate their support. Here’s why I do it:

  1. I think they deserve the appreciation, and by posting to their wall they’ll be seen publicly supporting a good cause
  2. Of course, I’m also hoping that their friends will see the post
  3. I’m also hoping that me expressing my gratitude will encourage my friend to continue supporting the campaign by spreading the word

If they aren’t my friend on Facebook, but I have a way to contact them directly I go that way. Just a quick email, thanking them for their support and telling them how much it means to me.

The first half of reason 1 above applies, though I can’t publicly thank them.

Number 3 applies too, possibly even more so. The people who aren’t my friends on facebook are past customers or people who I’ve gotten onto mailing lists by offering free resource downloads. Sending that thank-you email is going to be either the first or second personal connection I’ve made with them. Zero-to-one or one-to-two are both actually pretty big steps. I reckon that this one little email can make a huge difference in the chances that this person will talk to someone else about my project.

4. Their replies (but this one needs some explanation)

The first three reasons are the reasons I thought it would be worth taking the time to send out emails. But I discovered an extra one after I did it. My launch hasn’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped. I’m into my third day and only just over 5%. I put a lot of weight on these first few days, and I’m not sure that I was ready to launch. I’m questioning whether I got too impatient. Maybe I should have waited to pre-build a bigger pre-crowd of backers.

But more than that, I’m starting to wonder if my idea is even actually any good. That’s where the extra reason may be the most important:

Sometimes they reply and say nice things about your project

And that’s worth a lot.


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