Adam Millen

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Professional Title: (day job) Instrumentation and Electrical Engineer

What do you do?

I write my thoughts and experiences with making crazy ideas happen.


I get kind of excited about all the tools the internet has to make it possible to take an idea and make it happen.

What should we read?

Lessons for the Young Economist, by RP Murphy



pledgeme.co.nz/profiles/75531 (my pledgeme profile)

https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1879469392 (my kickstarter profile)

What crowdfunding campaigns have you backed?

I backed pledgeme when they crowdfunded crowdfunding for a second time (so I now have some shares).

I was the first person to back pledgeme’s first pledgeme.lend campaign, Eat My Lunch

You can see what else I’ve backed on the profile pages above. The kickstarter one doesn’t seem to go all the way back.




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